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The I-SNP is designed for eligible Medicare enrollees
who reside in a long-term care facility.


Simply put, the I-SNP is an all-inclusive plan that replaces traditional Medicare. It covers:

  • Inpatient care (Part A)
  • Outpatient and primary care (Part B)
  • Supplemental benefits including vision, dental, hearing, etc. (Part C)
  • Prescription drugs (Part D)

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An onsite focus on preventative care.

With an I-SNP, facilities are provided with an onsite Nurse Practitioner and RN Care Coordinator to:

  • Improve outcomes
  • Prevent unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Reduce costs

This team coordinates all aspects of care, collaborating with residents, families, physicians, and hospitals, depending on a resident’s needs. Sophisticated technology and electronically tracked medical records provide up-to-the-minute information on each resident, helping the care team catch health issues early on.

Here again, the I-SNP is a tech-enabled, value-based model, designed to mitigate illnesses and prevent unneccesary hospital stays.

The care team’s roles…

Nurse Practitioner:

  • Completes Annual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to establish goals and improve health outcomes
  • Onsite visits and available on call 24/7 to provide continuity of care
  • Coordinates care with the members PCP, facility, and the interdisciplinary care team (ICT)
  • Provides chronic disease management, addresses polypharmacy and goals of care
  • Identifies, anticipates, and treats acute changes in condition
  • Provides education to the facility and all members of the ICT to improve quality of care and outcomes

RN Care Coordinator:

  • Rounds on assigned members to identify and escalate member changes in condition to the Primary Care Physician (PCP), Nurse Practitioner and facility to avoid unplanned transfers
  • Coordinating integrated care plan development, including collaboration with nursing staff, leadership, as well as the entire ICT according to the Provider Partners Health Plans Model of Care
  • Coordination of care needs such as transitions of care, prior authorization and skilling needs
  • Assists in development and deployment of education to nursing facility and members
  • Ensures members receive all necessary, preventative care and medication reviews to promote wellness and improved outcomes

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In short, the I-SNP is better for everyone.

Provide a higher standard of care. Residents won’t need to be hospitalized as often. Families and physicians will be kept up to date on residents’ care.

And unlike other I-SNPs, the facility shares in 100% of the revenue gained by lowering the cost of care.

Ask how I-SNP can help.

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